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Shabbat Set?

Why we need a special kit for a day of the week.

Believe it or not, Shabbat is not just another day of the week. As a central part of Jewish life, Shabbat serves as a weekly testament that G-d created the world for the purpose of our perfecting it. G-d worked for 6 days to create the World and rested on the 7th, not because He tired easily but to set an example for us. We must work all week to improve the world and spend the 7th day rejuvenating ourselves, both spiritually and physically, so we can approach the upcoming week with renewed energy and vigor.

Wondering where to start? Scroll down for a little overview of Shabbat and we’ll get you Shabbat Set! 

About Shabbat

Shabbat Candles

One of 3 special Mitzvot for women & girls, candles are lit before sundown to welcome the peace and blessing of Shabbat into our homes and the World.

The Shabbat Set includes:
Candles and the Blessing.

Shabbat Prayers

From sunset on Friday evening we sing a collection of Psalms and the Lecha Dodi song to welcome Shabbat as a beautiful bride and beloved queen.


The prayer said over a cup of wine (grape juice) at the start of the meal reminds us that G-d made this day holy and we must do our best to sanctify and keep it.

The Shabbat Set includes:
Grape Juice and the Blessing.


We enjoy two loaves of Challah at each meal, representing the double portion of Manna the Jews in the desert received each Friday in honor of Shabbat. 

The Shabbat Set includes:
Two Challah rolls.

Shabbat Meal

It is a mitzvah to honor Shabbat with our finest foods. A multi-course meal of delicious fish, soup, and meat dishes is part of that tradition.

The Shabbat Set includes:
Chicken Soup with Matzah balls.


Havdalah means “separation” refering to the declaration made at the end of Shabbat (or Jewish holiday) that sets the holy day apart from the mundane week.  


Shabbat Rest

By resting from work on Shabbat, we bring our lives in sync with the Divine cycle of creation and rest and increase our awareness that Shabbat is special.